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PRO/RACE Damper - Austin Healey 100
PRO/RACE Damper - Austin Healey 100

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Racer Price $396.00

Technical Specs

SFI Test Lab! PRO/RACE Features:

  • ńALL STEELī construction
  • Exceeds SFI Spec. 18.1 - Spin tested to 18,000RPM
  • Specially formulated bonded* elastomer
  • 100% CNC machined
  • Billet steel inertial ring and hub
  • Splined inertia ring and hub
  • 60° of engraved timing marks (40° on SB Ford models)
  • Easily installed - Instructions included
* Bonding on ńRaceī models only.

The PRO/RACE Damper

The PRO/RACE ńALL STEELī Harmonic Dampers are designed and manufactured for racing and high performance street applications and are available for a wide range of engines. The PRO/RACE Damper is a direct replacement for the cast iron stock damper which is no longer permitted by most racing sanctioning bodies due to the danger of fracture and high speed disintegration or separation of the inertia ring from the hub. This problem is eliminated with a PRO/RACE Damper. The PRO/RACE ńALL STEELī Harmonic Damper is also a must for all belt driven supercharger applications due to the additional torque loads on the damper hub and keyway which results in failure in nearly 100% of all blower installations with a stock damper. PRO/RACE now offers specific models for supercharged small block (#74265) and big block Chevy (#74267) engines. These special dampers include dual keyways and also feature six tapped holes to accept most blower pulleys.