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Harland Sharp Original Series Pedestal Mount Rocker Arms - 1.6 Ratio, 5/16" Stud
Harland Sharp Original Series Pedestal Mount Rocker Arms - 1.6 Ratio, 5/16" Stud

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Technical Specs

Harland Sharp:

DonÍt trust your custom engine investment to just any rocker manufacturer. Harland Sharp has been manufacturing high performance parts since the 1950Ís and is committed to 100% Made in the USA. All materials are from USA resources. Every machining step is performed in the USA. Every component is assembled in the USA. Quality is built into every rocker arm they make. Beginning with the selection of materials, nine different 2024-T3511 high-quality aluminum extrusions are precision machined to ensure a perfect fit for every application.

Each completed piece is inspected and packed to ensure quality at every step of the process.

Now you know why Harland Sharp Rocker Arms carry a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects!

The Original Series roller rocker arm is the flagship product of Harland Sharp. It is based on Harland SharpÍs original aluminum rocker design for competition engines. It incorporates the race-proven enhancements that have been developed during 48+ years of focus on perfecting the roller rocker arm design. The Original Series features improved strength, performance and lighter weight over conventional rocker arm designs. Harland Sharp uses the latest manufacturing technology and the finest ñMade in USAî materials. When youÍre adding performance to your street machine or building a serious racer, the Original Series is the rocker arm recommended for you.

Special Notes: Adjustable

* These Heavy Duty, Pedestal Mount, roller rockers are designed to replace the factory style rocker system, without machine work. This rocker system features Cage guided needle bearings, 3/4 diameter rocker shafts, 7/16 internal oil adjusters and all the necessary hardware for a complete install.
* If you changed camshafts or machined the block and heads you may have to change your pushrod length, always check before installing.
* This rocker system is capable of handling 350lbs. of open pressure before the 5/16 bolt will fail. If you are running an application beyond this, It is recommended you install 7/16 rocker studs and guide plates. And use our S4003-7 Ford rocker setup

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