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Professional Products PowerForce+Plus Damper - 6.7" SFI 18.1
Professional Products PowerForce+Plus Damper - 6.7" SFI 18.1

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Technical Specs
Professional Products Harmonic Dampers for Street and Racing.

Professional Products line of High Performance Street Models & SFI-Spec Racing Dampers dampers offers features not found with most other dampers.


Despite their extremely attractive prices, the quality of their dampers is equal to, or, in most cases exceeds that of, any other harmonic damper. You won't find any damper that is more accurately balanced or more closely machined for the correct fit than the Powerforce or Powerforce+Plus line of high performance street or SFI-spec racing harmonic dampers.


Yes, there are less expensive street and SFI specification dampers, but not at this quality level, nor can they match the other features that the Professional Products line of premium dampers offers.


The SFI-Spec Powerforce+Plus as well as the Powerforce lines of dampers provide more applications for a wider range of engines than any other harmonic damper manufacturer in their price range.


Professional Products Dampers are able to fit more applications with fewer part numbers than any other damper line. That's because they have engineered their dampers to be more universal allowing one damper to fit a wide range of engines where other companies either have more part numbers or don't even address the additional applications. Professional Products Dampers fit engines that no one else does.

Easy To Read Timing Marks

Their dampers all feature clear, white easy to read timing marks against a painted black background. In addition, they engrave a mark every 90 which is also painted white. (90 marks not on small block Ford dampers)


With all of their products, Professional Products offers a one year limited warranty, including dampers used in racing applications. Compare that to many damper companies who offer no warranty whatsoever. We manufacture a high quality product and we stand behind it.

Bonded Construction

All of their dampers feature a bonding process which adheres the elastomer to the I.D. of the inertia ring and the O.D. of the hub. Through subsequent research and development we have perfected a new process that utilizes a stronger adhesive along with an improved elastomer that creates a much stronger bond. It now takes twice the force to separate the hub from the ring as it did with their previous bonding system. Their current design is practically indestructible.

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