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Warranty Information

All COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE Short Blocks, Long Blocks, and Crate Motors feature a limited lifetime warranty. Click here for information.

Request For Quote: Custom Short Block, Long Block or Crate Motor

If you did not see the Short Block, Long Block or Crate Motor that fits your particular needs or uses, please feel free to complete this Request For Quote form and a Coast High Performance Representative will contact you with a quote ASAP.

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General Sales and Customer Service Contact
Frank Cedillo - Sales & Customer Service Manager

All of our Sales and Customer Service staff are highly trained and they are here to help you make the best choice possible. Whether you cannot find the parts or combinations you need or you just want a little tech advice you can contact us through our general customer service contact information or feel free to contact a specific Sales & Customer Service Representative for the personal touch. We look forward to helping you...

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