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Coast High Performance Crate Motor, Long Block and Short Block Limited Warranty
COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE warrants components against defects in our workmanship and material in accordance with the schedules and limitations outlined below. Repairs or replacement will be made at the COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE factory within a reasonable time after notice and upon receipt of the goods deemed to be defective per the schedules and limitations of our written warranty. A warranty case number must be assigned and repair instructions provided prior to repair or replacement of goods.


  • Long Blocks - 90 Day Limited against parts and workmanship

  • Short Blocks - 90 Day Limited against parts and workmanship
  • Long Block and Short Block Limited Warranty Explanation:
    The reason that our Short Blocks and Long Blocks come with a 90 Day Limited warranty against parts and workmanship is that once a Short Block or Long Block is sent to a customer we no longer have control of whether the motor is professionally dressed out, assembled, installed, tested or tuned. These are all factors that can lead to a motor's demise if not done properly.

    This is not to say that we do not stand behind our products and experience! We have a reputation to preserve and on which we rely to continue to provide Short Blocks, Long Blocks, Crate Motors and and countless other performance components (basically we depend on a good reputation to keep us in business). This reputation is what has kept us in business for over 20 years.

    If in the event something goes wrong with one of our Short Blocks, Long Blocks or Crate Motors after it has been installed and run, we work with our customers 100% to find the cause of the malfunction and get them back up and going as soon as possible.

    Coast High Performance does not approve and/or authorize any other shop or persons beside Coast High Performance to inspect the engine. Nor will we reimburse any outside labor or parts charges.

    Fuel injectors, fuel pumps, water pumps, hydraulic high pressure pumps, sensors, sending units, turbochargers, belts, hoses and other accessories installed have a one year warranty, after which time they are considered maintenance items and are not covered by parts or labor. Parts included in installation kits are covered for the time stated by the manufacturer. Does not include problems related to fuel components and accessories not installed by COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE.
    Warranty Claim Procedures
    If in the event that a malfunction occurs with one of our Short Blocks, Long Blocks or Crate Motors after it has been installed and run:
  • (1) The customer will contact a Coast High Performance Customer Service and or Sales associate for a RMA (Return Manufactures Authorization) number.

  • (2) The customer will ship the motor back to Coast High Performance at their expense for a complete diagnostic inspection.

  • (3) Upon receipt, Coast High Performance will inspect the motor for any defects in parts and/or labor.

  • (4) If the failure is due to a part or assembly error Coast High Performance will correct the issue, reimburse the customer for the freight to us and ship it back at no charge.

  • (5) If it is found that the issue was not due to an error in Coast High Performance parts or assembly, we will (if the customer chooses) fix the problem and only charge the customer our cost on the items and the labor.

  • (6)The customer would then pay for the shipping back as well.

  • Term and Limitations of Warranty
    Buyer specifically acknowledges that the components purchased will require additional accessories/components and must be properly installed or the warranty may be void. The limited warranty will be void and not apply to defects or failures caused by (1) over revving (2) accident, abuse or an operation for which it was not designed, or alteration, either drive train or suspension, from the original manufacturer's specifications (3) damaged or inefficient parts, components or accessories not included in the sale (4) dirty or improper installation (5) overheating and/or freeze cracks to blocks, heads or drive cases (6) burned or melted pistons (7) lack of lubricants or fluids (8) Improper Installation and Start Up procedures (9) detonation or pre-ignition (10) burned thrust bearings caused by rear pressure (11) Fuel wash on startup procedures and (11) Improper start up or tuning procedures.

    Buyer specifically acknowledges that proper maintenance procedures which include, but are not limited to, changing or calibrating as applicable, the filter, lubricant, harmonic balancer, fan hub, water pump, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, hoses, belts, etc., must be performed as recommended by the original manufacturer or the warranty will be void. Camshaft timing belts must be replaced in accordance with O.E.M. recommendations. COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE will not assume any responsibility for the cost of this routine maintenance. Failure to change this belt may lead to internal engine damage that will not be covered by the COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE.

    Proper installation procedures must be followed to avoid accident or injury part failure.

    COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE's limited warranty will end after the expiration of time or mileage from the date of the original invoice. Any repairs or replacement will not extend the warranty. The buyer shall be responsible for all defects, thereafter, regardless of cause.


    The buyer must notify COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE of any warranty claim prior to repair for assignment of an authorization number. The work will be performed at COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE's facilities. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to contact Coast High Performance within 30 days of malfunction and request and be approved for a RMA (Return Manufactures Authorization) to begin the warranty service process.

    Buyer agrees that COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE will not be responsible for (1) incidental or consequential damages (2) lost profits, sales or income (3) injury to person or property (4) oil, antifreeze, fluids or other substances (5) towing charges (6) lift, dock or storage fees (7) telephone calls (8) freight (9) substitute transportation, lodging, etc. (10) unauthorized repairs (11) labor on a gasket kit, oil pump and lifters purchased with a short block engine or gasket kit supplied with a Long Block.

    Buyer and seller agree the seller's price is based upon this limited warranty. Buyer and seller also agree the buyer's sole and exclusive remedy against seller on account of breach of contract, warranty or performance shall be for the repair or replacement at COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE's factory in Coast High Performance, Torrance California, of defects in COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE's factory workmanship or material within the periods of this warranty. The buyer will be responsible for shipment and subject to the limitations and conditions of this warranty. No benefits or remedies are available under this limited warranty while the invoice for the unit or related services remains outstanding.

    Specifications subject to change without notice.
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