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Do I need to purchase A Damper and Flexplate / Flywheel if I have CHP Balance my components?


Do I need to have the exact Flywheel / Flexplate and damper that I plan on using to have Coast High Performance balance my Engine Kit or Build?

My local machine shop said I would need to bring in my rotating assembly with the balancer and flywheel I was going to use and have it all balanced together.


While it is necessary to have a flywheel/flexplate and damper in order to properly balance an engine kit, it is not necessary to have your exact ones. If you are not purchasing your flywheel/flexplate and damper from us at the time you purchase your engine kit, we use "house" dampers, flywheels and flexplates with various weights (28oz, 50oz, etc., according to your balancing choice) when we balance our kits.

If a customer would like to use their exact damper/flywheel/flexplate, we can definitely accommodate that request by having the customer send these itemse to us for the balancing job, but again it is not necessary as long as both of us know what balance weight you intend on going with. In this case, let us know when placing the order over the phone, or make a comment when ordering online, and we can be sure to follow your request.

If you plan to go out and purchase a balancer and flywheel of your choice, we would recommend going with a 28oz damper and flywheel as it takes less material out of the crank when balancing. If you have a stock 50oz or internal balancer/flywheel, you can use those as well as long as we know so we can balance the kit accordingly.

When we balance any engine kit/rotating assembly, all items are weight matched and balanced together. The crank is the primary component with most work done to it, but weights are taken on all of the other items (rods, pistons, bearings and rings in addition to the crank). The pistons and rods are weighted within X grams of each other to ensure that the balance is correct.