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Accufab Mustang 2001 Throttle Body
Accufab Mustang 2001 Throttle Body


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Accufab! The Ultimate in Throttle Body Performance.

Feel the Power
Replace your Ford Mustang Bullitt's restrictive stock throttle body with our top of the line Elliptical or Oval blade unit and get your engine the air it's lacking. This upgrade will greatly improve your Bullitts throttle response and horsepower. It's the perfect starting point for future modifications.

Better Air Flow for More Power
Available with an elliptical or oval blade. The first throttle body is our standard elliptical single blade which flows 1284 cfm compared to the stock twin blade design which flows 1089 cfm. Dyno tests on a stock vehicle show a 5 to 7 hp gain. The second throttle body is our special oval single blade and it flows 1696 cfm which is an additional 607 cfm over stock. However, we manufactured this throttle body specifically for engines making 550hp+ or using a KenneBell supercharger. Horsepower gains vary depending on your vehicle modifications. The standard elliptical blade (1284 cfm) is shaped like an egg. The oval blade (1696 cfm) has top and bottom edges that are completely straight and the blade is only rounded on the ends.

Exceptional Quality
Accufab's quality is second to none! This throttle body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and the exterior is polished to an eye-catching finish. The shafts are also CNC machined from stainless for durability and quality, with brass blades and the highest quality bushings, bearings and screws. Manufactured in the USA.

These Accufab throttle bodies are specifically designed for use on the 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt.

Technical Notes:
Please note: The stock intake manifold needs to be modified in order to accommodate the single blade. There is a bridge of material that needs to be ground away for the blade to clear.

Accessories Included
Each throttle body includes one throttle body gasket and TPS mounting screws.

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