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355 cubic inches
This is a stock style setup, featuring a 3.480" stroke. Whether intended for stock replacement or racing, various levels of compression will allow for improved performance with emphasis on top-end power and high RPM.
363 cubic inches
This combination has a slightly larger-than-stock stroke at 3.562", making it very popular for circle-track applications where displacement is restricted. This setup is great at high RPM due to the still relatively short stroke, and is accompanied by a higher displacement than stock. Available in high-performance packages only, with compression ratios ranging from medium to high.
383 cubic inches
This is by far the most popular stroker combination for a Chevy Small Block V8, using a 3.750" stroke for added displacement. It is a great compromise between low-end torque and top-end power, making it perfect for street or strip applications; it is also extremely versatile, with a wide array of options available. Kits are available in a variety of performance levels and compression ratios, ranging from "mild" to "wild"!
396 cubic inches
These kits utilize a 3.875" stroke to achieve even higher displacement and low-end torque. A great setup for street and strip use. For higher performance applications, ranging from low to high compression.
408 cubic inches
This is the most robust stroker combination available, using a 4.000" stroke to arrive at 408 cubic inches. Due to the long stroke this combo makes monster torque, although at the expense of top-end RPM. Regardless it is still a great setup for street/strip applications where the RPM aren't extremely high to begin with. Applications range from low to medium compression making this a fantastic choice when paired with a supercharger!